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Why practicing exceptional prospect engagement will win you more clients
Part 2


Welcome back!

In Part 1 I shared how you can prepare your prospect for the best possible experience, the benefits of utilising a clear agenda and the guiding principle I have always operated by:

“If the client says it, it is the truth”.

Today I will build on the initial elements from Part 1 that will create an exceptional client experience – every time.


Walking a mile in your prospect’s shoes - together

I have found that it is easy to forget or become complacent, because we practice our profession every day, that most people are busy and mired in their many daily priorities and pressures. Rarely it seems, if ever, do some people prioritise spending quality time to vividly imagine the future that they really want and then plan how they will be successful in any really meaningful way.

Typically, I find people spend more time planning a birthday, a holiday or Christmas than they do their future. It is no wonder, then, that most Australians fail to accumulate enough money to live the retirement they perhaps once dreamed of. I have also found that commitment and sacrifice today for the betterment of the future is not the strongest human quality, so I think there are plenty of people who bury or deprioritise this aspect of their world by just being too busy.

In many ways, spending time with a great adviser will be one the best things they will ever do.

Because we do what we do every day, it is easy to assume that others get what we get and can therefore turn up to a meeting and provide all of the insights we need in order to properly understand them. Or even that they are comfortable to openly share their personal details, their hopes, their dreams and the things that keep them awake at night regarding their financial situation. The fact that many people do not themselves understand these issues should easily provide you with the insights that you need and understand how significant they are.

But simply asking a bunch of questions, especially if they are not the most effective questions, will not necessarily translate into exceptional engagement and will most certainly not establish what is really important and why it is important.

Mind maps are the most effective forms of mutual discovery and have the added advantage that they are visual, which effectively enables the other person to visualise what they otherwise may not have been able to and to conceptualise time – which is either their best friend or worst enemy. 


The Cycle of Commitment

A time when many professionals realise that something has gone wrong in the sales process is when it’s too late – and an opportunity is lost. 

A common analysis or perception for this happening is that a person’s closing techniques were not good enough and, while this may be true in some instances, it is more likely that their questioning and listening skills contributed mainly to the lost opportunity.

If this happens, it can be because you haven’t earned the genuine commitment you need in order to for them to advance to the next stage – a second meeting, preparation of a comprehensive financial plan, implementation of their plan or perhaps the annual renewal of their ongoing advice agreement.

This can often result in price-driven buying decisions and a higher proportion of lost opportunities or clients. 

By asking great, well thought out questions that follow a proven framework of Discovery, you will move through the stages of a client interaction at the right time and with the right level of commitment before closing and the authority to proceed.


In order to differentiate yourself and your business from your competitors, you need to follow a path of sound questioning techniques.  This will help prospects and clients alike to realise that they have a genuine need or needs, for which you are the best qualified to meet.

Having structure

All interactions are unique and can often go down many different paths because people are all different.  Its easy for a conversation to get off-track and being aware of which stage of the Cycle of Commitment you’re in will enable you to effectively get the conversation back on track.  Therefore, this is an invaluable framework.

It is generally understood that most people won’t change advisers on price alone, although they may cease an ongoing advice relationship based on price and the perceived absence of value received for the annual fee. Perception of value. To trigger them to change their adviser altogether, or to choose to not have an adviser at all, people generally have some area of dissatisfaction, issue or need that an existing adviser has not met in full, is not performing well in, or a need that they have simply missed.


Over the course of this two-part article I have shared some insights that relate to:

  • Preparing your prospect for the best possible experience

  • Benefits of a clear agenda

  • If the client says it, it is the truth

  • Walking a mile in your prospect’s shoes - together

  • The Cycle of Commitment


Well that wraps up this article and 5 of the things you can develop and implement to create an exceptional experience that will enable you to win and retain new clients more frequently and consistently.

The initial elements of exceptional engagement that I have touched on today are all built into the highly immersive one day face-to-face workshop that sits at the centre of our GROW Adviser Capability program.  In this program we explore these topics in greater detail to further build your understanding, together with enabling effective practice and our disciplined implementation program to ensure that you master and embed the skills in your business as a daily core practice.


Download the PDF version of this article for printing and sharing, HERE

Jason Dunn has developed, implemented and executed change, engagement, turn-around and transformation program strategies across a diverse range of institutionally and privately owned financial advice businesses over 35 years. While his experience is broad, Jason is effusive about creating exceptional client experiences based on thousands of hours of direct client engagement. 


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