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Referrals are the lifeblood of many professions, and, in particular, for financial advisers.

Being someone’s financial adviser is one of the most personal and important relationships of most people’s lives. Often the relationship results from either a client’s or referrer’s endorsement and borrows an element of trust from the referrer's relationship, which makes it the best opportunity that anyone can receive.

Most highly successful advisers have built strong referral networks through a combination of strong advocacy with existing clients and a network of non-client referrers. I will be sharing more insights in relation to how I have observed this can be achieved in my next article.

To consistently generate quality referrals, you need to consistently deliver ongoing value and build strong and enduring relationships with your clients. And you must be confident and know how and when to ask for referrals from your clients. Delighted, not just satisfied, clients are one of your most valuable assets, and, typically, they will refer your best prospects.

Beyond your client base you must establish a network of referrers and allocate sufficient time, consistently, to building and nurturing this referrer channel and ensuring your referrers are positioning you as you want to be positioned to prospects.

There are also many other tools you can introduce to your referrers and skills practice that you can implement to develop their capability. And let’s be clear, it is down to you to develop their capability if you want your partnership to be successful.

The GROW Adviser Capability program explores and covers how advisers and practices can successfully target, nurture, and build successful referral networks.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

Earning and asking for referrals

What is your plan and activity in developing quality referrals from existing clients and other channels?

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