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In my last article I talked about the results you are looking for from the people you lead and influence. The outcomes from their efforts are the measures of their success.

Beginning with the end in mind is about knowing where you want to end up, because only then can you clearly identify how you are going to get there.

Following my last article, you should have identified what you want your team, and each team member, to achieve. The results, or outcomes, they are working towards. If not, you need to do that now, before you move forward.

So now let’s look at the actions and behaviours that will drive the results or outcomes.

Actions and Behaviours Drive Outcomes.

We need to focus on their actions and behaviours, so you can develop the appropriate skills in your team.

Actions and Behaviours Deliver Results.

You should have identified what it is you want your team to achieve, so now we’ll look at what they need to do to get those results.

The right actions and behaviours will deliver the outcomes and results.

The results that will ultimately be achieved are the direct results of the appropriate actions and behaviours required to deliver those results. Getting those “right” will drive the results.

You need to now identify what specific actions and behaviours each of your team needs to work on (do) to achieve the results they are working towards.

Using what you have already identified (last week) as what it is you want your team and each individual team member to achieve, now define the specific actions and behaviours required to drive those outcomes.

The GROW Adviser and Leadership Capability programs cover this topic in more detail and help build a robust understanding and exceptional leadership and engagement skills.

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