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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Understanding how people feel about their finances is the most insightful way to discover what they perceive to be their problem, or problems – and it is problems that we solve.

This best practice action not only assists your prospect to consider and self-assess their financial confidence, possibly for the first time ever in relation to most of their financial world, but more powerfully, it will enable you to glean strong emotional insights from your prospect about how they feel about their financial world and future, before your first meeting with them.

The real power of the Client Confidence Assessment is that your prospect or client has self-evaluated the foundations of their financial confidence before they even meet with you. This will likely create an epiphany for them, or at the very least, clarity of how they are feeling and the help they will need from you to solve their problem(s).

There is also another highly effective way this emotional financial confidence assessment can be used with great effect by your key referral partners when working with their clients, enabling them to identify specific clients in a targeted way.

Whether you implement this valuable tool yourself prior to meeting new prospects, or your referrer does, there are several key questions that form the core of the Client Confidence Assessment, which can be adapted for your business, or specifically for the referrer business to align to problems you are helping people to identify.

The development, makeup, and application of the Client Confidence Assessment is a key tool in our GROW Adviser Capability program.

Do you know who your optimum clients are and where you will find them?

How do you currently help your prospects and clients self-assess their financial position – and their confidence in their financial future and do you do this prior to meeting with them?

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