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What your prospects and clients expect from you is no different from what you expect from the people and businesses that you deal with.

In fact, what you and I expect, and want, from the people we deal with is pretty much the same for all of us. And by “deal with” I mean in a professional or business sense.

We all want to be dealt with in a professional and respectful manner.

We want people to communicate with us simply end effectively. So, don’t overcomplicate things in an effort to impress them. And similarly, use language that they understand and that makes sense.

And who doesn’t want to be recognised? Not just knowing my name, but being recognised for my loyalty, longevity, and trust. Who doesn’t have examples of being disappointed when they have been a long-term customer of a firm, but they don’t feel recognised?

The one that stands out for me is the bank that I have been exclusive with for 35 years, do not deliver any more loyalty nor preferential service or value to me than a new customer who walks through their door for the first time. In fact, loyalty is ZERO.

We all want to deal with people who are experts in their profession, trade, craft, skill, or vocation – be it making me a cup of coffee (and that, sadly, can go wrong in so many ways) through dealing with your doctor, real estate agent, motor mechanic, shoe salesman… you get the picture.

And we don’t want any surprises, ever. We like people to be proactive and keep us informed, in a timely fashion and “ahead of time”.

Delivering real and genuine value, by any and all definitions features very prominently in this list of client expectations. And there are others.

These are all baseline, fundamental expectations we have and while financial advisers need to be acutely aware of their prospect/client’s specific needs we should always be mindful of these baseline, common, absolute expectations.

Consider reviewing these universal client expectations: (Keep it simple. Be easy to deal with. Communicate with me effectively., Recognise me. Deliver real value. Be an expert. No surprises) and take a close look at your own actions in consistently delivering on them.

Take a moment to review the list and add other expectations, perhaps those that you have personally, to this list.

Exceeding client expectations is an important element of our GROW Adviser Capability program.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

“What do clients value the most about your relationship?”

Complete your own list of Client Expectations, using these points as a base, and rate yourself for consistent delivery. And then list the appropriate actions you need to take/change to improve your personal rating.

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