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We all like to think we understand what our clients both need and want from us - but do you? Really?

Unlike prospects, who are mostly an unknown quantity, clients are those whom we can rightly assume we have a relationship with and therefore know more about them. A client’s expectation is that your understanding of what’s really important to them is stronger than anyone else. After all, their financial world and future are in your hands.

But how deep does your knowledge and understanding of them really go?

What do you really know? Who are they? What are the three most important things about their ongoing relationship with you and your practice? What assumptions about them have you made and continue to make? What might you be overlooking? When was the last time you revisited some of the core beliefs of your relationships with established clients? What has changed for them over the past few months or years?

For over three decades I have reviewed thousands of client files and I always ask myself if I can really understand who the client really is, what they value, and what they aspire to achieve – amongst other things. So often, though, there are gaps. Worse still, when client goals read or sound the same or are similar across different files from the same adviser, it is obvious their understanding of who their clients really are has fallen short.

Building exceptional discovery and engagement skills is a core element of the GROW Adviser Capability program.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

“What do your prospects expect from you?”

So what can you do to ensure your understanding of each and every one of your clients is exceptional? To understand what they value about you and if you are living up to their expectations.

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