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There are 8,760 hours in a year. If you don’t regularly connect with your clients in between annual reviews, others will!

Ask yourself how many of those hours are you with your client. How often do you call them just to see how they are going? How many times do you “touch” them with relevant and useful information or insights?

One of the most successful and exceptional advisers that I have worked with aimed to “touch” clients 87 times a year. Yes, that’s 87. And guess what, he did.

While 87 interventions may not be practical, you should build a robust plan that allocates time in your calendar each week to:

  1. Source valuable articles and content

  2. Post and add commentary to insightful articles on LinkedIn or other social media platforms

  3. Call 5 – 10 of your ongoing clients just to check in and see how they are going (that way you talk to each of them twice a year

Just ASK!

Finally, but importantly, asking potential clients or existing clients what they value is one of the most epiphanic things that you can do.

Occasionally a client survey can provide useful insights, but the true value is what you learn from your client in person.

Asking consistent, well-thought-out questions creates clarity for everyone and demonstrates how much you care.

Moreover, it will help you to really understand your value proposition and, perhaps, to recognise areas of your service that you could improve, or you thought that your clients really valued about you.

There are a number of interactions at distinct stages of a client relationship or interventions within a relationship that present the perfect opportunity to ask well-thought-out questions, which should always be the same questions, no matter which client.

A key element of the GROW Adviser Capability program relates to the consistent delivery of ongoing value and the retention of clients.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

“Effective questions to ask a brand-new client"

Which of the 3 activities above can you either improve or implement within the next week?

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