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So you are with your newest client and completing all the paperwork, everyone’s happy and your ongoing relationship is about to get started. This is a brand-new phase for both the client and you. So what are they excepting from you? Are you clear?

I have found that most relationships start without actually asking the new client what they expect. I have also found that the best practice is to kick things off simply by asking. For example:

“It’s great to bring you on board as a client of our practice today and I wanted to ask what you have found valuable as we have worked together to bring your plan to life?”

Your client’s responses will not only clarify in their mind why they chose you, but they will also help you be clear what your value proposition.

“I also wanted to ask what you expect from our relationship over the next 12 months?”

The value of asking what your new client expects is that it enables you to understand and discuss any expectations that are not part of your service package or that may be unrealistic.

That way you can both be confident that you deliver to your service promise each year and that there are no surprises when it comes to your next scheduled review.

At each review meeting

If you have not asked these questions of an existing OAS client before…

“We have been working together for 3 years now and I wanted to ask you both what are the 3 things that you most value about me?”

“And is there anything that you expect from our relationship that I could improve?”

And with people who you have asked before when they became clients, you can refer to your notes from their previous responses…

“So when you came on board 11 months ago you said that…, and I wanted to check to see how we are living up to your expectations?”

You can also ask them what are the 3 things that they value the most about you and if there is anything that you haven’t delivered that they would like you to focus on.

Taking the time to check in with your clients not only gives you answers and information that will help you build a stronger relationship with your client, it also sends a consistent message that you genuinely care about them.

A key element of the GROW Adviser Capability program relates to the consistent delivery of ongoing value and the retention of clients.

What action will you take in the next week to implement these best practices?

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