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A simple 4-step method to coach for change and results.

There are many methodologies and models for coaching and developing your people, and a lot of the leaders I have worked with have found that it can be somewhat daunting. It can be confusing considering all of the different approaches and figuring out how to apply them and what you should actually do!

So, I have based my coaching process with leaders over the past 20 years or so on a straightforward model. It’s simple, logical, understandable and engaging – and it works!

In its simplest form there are 4 steps to the model:

  1. Observe

  2. Feedback

  3. Commitment To Action (CTA)

  4. Accountability and Follow-up

Let’s take a brief look at each of the steps.

1. Observe

Observing is about seeing your team members – advisers and others in your team - in action so you can decide exactly what you want to coach them on and understand how they currently perform the action. It’s about the behaviours and actions you need to focus on in your coaching to drive the results and outcomes you both want to achieve.

2. Feedback

This is, in fact, the actual coaching conversation. This is the dialogue between you and your team member, where you discuss what happened, why it happened that way, what needs to change and how they will do it differently.

3. Commitment to Action (CTA)

A coaching session needs to culminate in a Commitment To Action, or CTA. Reaching agreement with the person you are coaching and gaining their commitment on exactly what they will do (differently, better, more of) and when they will do it is critical.

4. Accountability and Follow-up

When people make a Commitment To take Action, they need to be accountable for their commitment. This is not about success or failure; it’s about making a genuine effort in line with the commitment they make. Your job as coach is to follow up with them to provide further feedback and support.

Before I break down the key elements of coaching in coming articles, take some time now to consider what outcomes you should see from effective coaching sessions.

What do you believe are the key outcomes from an effective coaching session? You can also ask your team members the same questions and then share your views.

The GROW Adviser and Leadership Capability programs cover this topic in more detail and help build a robust understanding and exceptional leadership and engagement skills.

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