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Who are your perfect clients? Sorry, again, for the fishing analogy, but if you don’t know clearly what fish you are fishing for, how can you possibly know where to fish and how to fish. Yes, in many ways, starting with the end in mind is as simple as that and will enable you to maximise your strategy and tactics.

Additionally, if your referrers don’t know either, they will be sending you the wrong prospects.

To optimise the return on your referral and prosecting time it is critical that you focus on the type(s) of client you want to work with the most, those that you can add the most value to (help the most) and who you are best equipped to work with.

If you have a particular expertise that may be of value to a defined niche market (say young retirees or about-to-retire doctors, etc) then they would obviously be your optimum client, or one of them – although other sub-criteria will define each optimum client profile.

Or perhaps your value proposition is more emotional, and you know you can add the most value by finding people who live with worries or concerns that keep them awake at night. This is often a highly effective way to enable others to identify and refer new clients to you.

To identify your optimum client(s) you need to establish the criteria they should satisfy. As you work to grow your client book, keeping this list of preferred (or if appropriate for you, essential) criteria will keep you, and your practice, focused and on track. Optimum client profiles are also essential for referral partners to help focus them on identifying who you can help the most.

And of course it does not mean you must have a single optimum client definition – you can have a few optimum clients, each with different defined criteria.

The important thing is for you to know the client(s) you most want to work with and help in their financial endeavours and target your efforts and resources to pursue them as a priority.

The GROW Adviser Capability program client profiling tool and assessment process will enable you to define your optimum clients and effectively communicate who they are to your referral partners.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

A consistent source of referrals is essential

Have you identified and defined your optimum client(s)? Where are you most likely to find your clients that you want to work with the most? How much time do you devote each week?

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