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NOW is the time to lift your game and grow your client base!

We all understand that the extreme uncertainty that everyone is facing across virtually every aspect of life right now impacts business confidence, certainty, operating models and growth. In fact, for many advice firms it has been all hands-on deck to engage and retain existing clients when they need us the most.

Therefore, it is understandable that many have taken refuge in this imperative and accepted a lack of growth, or any growth, in their client books.

Understandable, yes, but it is potentially damaging to not tactically drive new client opportunities when you consider that most advisers are likely to lose at least a few clients at a time when it is estimated that 35% of adult Australians have ether completely lost their income or have suffered a significant fall in income.

But what better time has there ever been than now to procure new clients, with the banks divesting their advice businesses and a growing exodus of advisers from our industry. Furthermore, as many advisers and firms deploy a purely retention strategy, there are significantly less advisers actively and effectively targeting new clients.

And, of course, the greater the level of uncertainty of many Australians, the more impactful the certainty and peace of mind that you can deliver, becomes.

Maintaining your current clients is essential, but is it enough?

Of course, you’re delivering ongoing value for your clients (right?). But what about those who aren’t your clients right now? What about those who aren’t even on your radar or are on the periphery, that you can support and add real value to their future (and current) financial wellbeing?

Right now, there’s a number of things you can do to exert your influence by supporting more people. And, it’s not just an altruistic endeavour – it’s good business.

Deliver the valuable insights, grow your connections and expand your sphere of influence.

Right now people need support, compassion, connection and, importantly, great financial advice.

So, what are you doing right now to support your current clients and broaden your base of influence to positively impact those beyond your client base – think current and future prospects?

Take action now!

Here are some simple, but extremely effective steps that you can take today, to move forward.

  1. Outline your Delivering Ongoing Value program for your clients, both: a) your client book as a whole and, b) individual key clients

  2. Take some time to think about and then list the specific steps you currently take to build your business. That is, what specifically are you doing, and what are you doing differently in this climate? Identify what is working and what you need to change (read: improve).

  3. Set out a series of engagement actions you can apply to your whole client list, e.g. social media (evaluate which is the most appropriate platform for clients you want to work with the most), market updates, etc.

  4. Identify your top (say 10-15) clients and set out an Individual Client Engagement program for each. Detail the topics and subject material of specific interest to each of these key clients and the best contact frequency, and type of contact, as preferred by each.

  5. Write out specific questions you can ask your existing (strong advocate) clients for referral introductions.

  6. Set aside time (in your diary) to implement these actions and be diligent in your approach.

If you apply these actions, in your own style appropriate to your business you will make progress and significantly drive your client growth.

Remember, Actions Drive Results and now is the time when results, in the form of new business opportunities, are an essential requirement for advisers.

Take action now!

The initial elements of building your business in this difficult climate that I have touched on today are built in to our GROW Adviser Capability program. In this program we explore these topics in greater detail to further build your understanding, together with enabling effective practice and our disciplined implementation program to ensure that you master and embed the skills in your business as a daily core practice.


Jason Dunn has developed, implemented and executed change, engagement, turn-around and transformation program strategies across a diverse range of institutionally and privately owned financial advice businesses over 35 years. While his experience is broad, Jason is effusive about creating exceptional client experiences based on thousands of hours of direct client engagement.


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