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Making the most of the precious time you have with prospects and clients must be a priority for financial advisers.

We all know how difficult it can be to find and get time with prospects that you most want to work with, and with clients, so making the most of the time for you and your client or prospect, is essential.

But we are busy – right. And we’ve been doing this for a while, so we all have the capability to wing it. Imagine if a professional sportsperson thought and operated like that. They just rocked up for a game without any preparation, because they are talented, and just could.

I would argue that every financial adviser can improve the quality, and productivity for every prospect or client interaction. Without a doubt, the effectiveness of every interaction can be maxmised by robust pre-planning and preparation.

Prepared advisers significantly improve their chances of gleaning more information, deeper insights, and the commitments that they need to create, qualify, and advance opportunities.

One of the major advantages is that they prepare the prospect or client emotionally and factually.

Thorough preparation also demonstrates your level of professionalism and that you are well prepared specifically for whoever you are meeting with, whether it is a referral partner, prospect, or client. Preparation will always significantly help build credibility and trust.

Preparation is a disciplined process, and, like all processes, it is important to understand and define the process and continually improve it.

When implemented well it translates from “your process”, to their “unique experience”.

Preparation is key and it is the first and integral step towards successful, highly effective conversations. And you should always remember that the next meeting could be your last with them – so ensure you prepare and deliver!

Improving an adviser’s meeting preparation effectiveness and operating rhythm are both important elements of the GROW Adviser Capability program.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

“How to prepare for prospect meetings”

How much time do you include in your calendar to research and prepare for meetings? What is your prospect/client meeting preparation methodology – and do you apply it consistently?

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