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A very large part of being a highly effective leader in financial advice is helping your people achieve what it is that they need to achieve.

As their leader – or boss, manager, supervisor - you have so much opportunity to influence their behaviours and actions and support them in developing skills so they can achieve greater outcomes and results.

Consider that a large and significant measure of your success as a leader is the level of success of your team.

So, before you can apply your leadership skills to help them develop, grow, and achieve, you must first have a clear understanding of exactly what it is they should be doing, and importantly, what you want them to be doing more effectively.

Results are what they are trying to achieve, but it’s the actions they take and the behaviours they exhibit that will drive the results.

I’ll talk about actions and behaviours in my next article but, for now, let’s look at the results or outcomes, you want from your team.

Results are the outcomes.

What is it you want your people to achieve? As a team, and individually.

Is it related to the quality or construct of the advice they give, developing stronger referral networks, actively demonstrating the value they deliver to your clients or efficiencies in productivity? It could be any or all of these things or others. But it will almost always be several things.

Knowing what these desired outcomes, or results, are essential. What your advisers and team are working towards and how well they achieve in these areas is their “measure of success”.

Only when you are clear on these results, or outcomes, that you are working towards can you clearly define the actions and behaviours required to achieve them.

Actions and behaviour drive outcomes and results.

So, beginning with the end in mind… let’s identify what you want your team to achieve.

Identify and list what it is you want your team, and each individual team member, to achieve. Remember, think results and outcomes, not actions and behaviours.

In the next Leadership Best Practice Action we’ll work on the Behaviours & Actions required to achieve these results and outcomes.

The GROW Adviser and Leadership Capability programs cover this topic in more detail and help build a robust understanding and exceptional leadership and engagement skills.

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