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We all take great pride in delivering the advice and service that our clients pay for and expect – right? It is what we are paid to do. It is what we are trained to do. It is why we do what we do. And we charge a fair fee for a good service.

But, what do you do to truly delight each and every one of your clients? And by delight, I mean do something that they feel compelled to share with everyone that will listen to them.

Let me put you in the right frame of mind to compare what you do, to what you could do. Take a few minutes to think about all the services and products you have purchased over the last couple of years. I bet there is quite a number. In fact, probably more than you could reconcile in 5 minutes. Now ask yourself, when you were truly delighted by a service experience?

Struggling to think of more than one? Or even one? Well, I have asked hundreds of people the very same question over the years, and you would certainly not be alone in struggling to recall a time where you were truly delighted. A time when you received value that you didn’t expect. An experience that you share with most people that you know. An experience that compelled you to say you have to go see these guys.

I know the very few experiences that I have received over the last couple of decades that I still rave about, are few and far between.

Interestingly, it generally costs very little, if anything at all, to delight someone.

What it does require is a commitment to explore and define what will inspire someone to feel delighted and a small commitment of time to deliver.

The GROW Adviser Capability program helps advisers and practices to explore how they can delight their clients, aided by examples of adviser best practice.

Do you lock in a dedicated time in your calendar week devoted solely to delighting your clients?

Keep an eye out for my next article in which I discuss the effectiveness of Client Confidence Assessments.

What specific actions to do you take to truly delight your clients?


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