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It is essential you know what it is about your relationship with each client that they value.

If you don’t know what they truly value, how can you be sure you will continue to deliver it? If you don’t know what’s important to other people, as is typical in so many walks of life, you might just stop doing it.

Clients value a number of things, many obvious, that are pretty much the same for all of them. Things like good advice, timely responses, being easy to deal with, technical knowledge etc.

But because everyone is different, we know that every one of your clients has some specific needs which you may or may not have addressed effectively. And it is your performance around these specific areas that really delivers value to your clients.

But what are these specifics for each client? And how do you effectively identify them?

Some things may be obvious to you (but be careful of blindly assuming anything) and yet others may be more difficult to identify.

Whenever you meet with a client, ask them to describe to you the top 3 things they value about your relationship.

Once you have received this feedback from a suitable number of clients you will understand what your value proposition really is. You should ask if there is anything that you haven’t delivered that they would have liked or expected from you. This will enable you to evaluate if you are delivering on your promises or if there are aspects of your advice and service that you need to develop.

Of course you must be prepared to take action in relation to any issues or feedback your clients have for you.

Understanding and building value is a core component of the GROW Adviser Capability program.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

“Assumptions can really mess you up”

Ask the next clients you meet with to describe the top 3 things they value about you and if there is anything they would have liked or expected in the past.

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