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Having not met you yet, a prospect’s expectations vary somewhat from the expectations your clients have of you.

Genuine prospects, as they consider beginning their advice relationship with you, consider many things. They may have come from a strong referral source, but in the main they really do not know much about you. If they are new to advice the list of unknowns (and possible concerns) is greater still. And if they have had an unsatisfactory relationship or experience with a previous (or current) financial adviser then you really do have your work cut out for you. But this also represents a great opportunity to demonstrate that you are very different.

They will be looking for an adviser they feel comfortable with, something that too many advisers don’t think deeply enough about. Your prospects will want you to explain what the advice relationship will “look” like, how it works, how much it will cost and exactly what they can expect from you.

They want you to truly understand them, their situation and their aspirations and goals.

And of course they want to know what your advice will cost and what they can expect in return. Prospects want to know what value you will deliver to them and at what cost.

Delivering the appropriate messages to prospects about who you are and what you will do for them is a critical early step in establishing and building trust and a connection with prospects.

Keep an eye out for my next article:

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What do you do to instil a high level of confidence in your prospects?

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