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Highly effective leaders get results.

In my last article, I talked about the three areas of focus for frontline leaders, being:

  1. One-on-One Relationship with each team member

  2. Consistent Role Modelling – Leading the Way

  3. Building a Powerful Team Dynamic

But it’s your actions and behaviours that will bring these three areas of focus to life. Nothing changes if you don’t apply the appropriate actions in each of these three areas.

Actions drive results.

In each of these three areas of focus, you need to identify the specific leadership actions and behaviours and apply the appropriate effort for each.

  1. Building one on one relationships with each of your advisers and other team members is critical to ensure their individual characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and opportunities are addressed in a way personal to each.

  2. Consistent role modelling, leading the way, has more impact than most realise. It’s your actions, reactions, areas of focus, how you react under stress and pressure and in difficult situations that are noticed. Acting and behaving the way you want your people to, always, is essential. Walk the talk!

  3. Building a powerful team dynamic is essential to maximise the performance of your team. There are plenty of opportunities to bring your team together, either in person, by phone, Zoom, Skype or by other hook-ups, and the benefits, are significant.

Identifying the specific actions and behaviours that bring these three focus elements to life in your practice or business will help set you up for more effective leadership.

Our Leadership Actions & Behaviours Checklist is an introduction to frontline leadership capability – your actions and behaviours will be specific to your role and your business. Consider actions and behaviours across each of the three high-level frontline leadership focus areas as some of the “WHAT” effective leaders do.

Click here to download our GROW Leadership Capability checklist to help you assess your frontline leadership readiness and capability.

The GROW Adviser and Leadership Capability programs cover this topic in more detail and help build a robust understanding and exceptional leadership and engagement skills.

In future articles, we’ll look at these actions and how you can apply them in your business to bring your leadership to life.

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