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“Unlimited” is an empowering story of an ordinary life suffocated by unrealised potential that unfolds as an extraordinary journey of personal transformation. The author's life story is marked by a pivotal decision at the age of 15, when he turned away from his boyhood dream of becoming a professional football player in England. Instead, he succumbed to cigarettes and alcohol, and often chose the easier road. For two decades, he carried the weight of "I could have", until, at 34, he embarked on a radical shift. Despite never having learned to swim or ride a bicycle, he resolved to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. One simple choice to take the tougher road and face life's fears, set in motion the pathway to being unlimited. Along the way, it is littered with adversity, life-threatening accidents, and heartbreaking failures. His journey is an unvarnished narrative that resonates with anyone seeking transformation and offers a roadmap for achieving the unthinkable.

"Unlimited" invites readers to shed their limitations and embark on their own odyssey of self-realisation. Regardless of their current life stage or seemingly insurmountable goals, the book reassures that transformation begins with one pivotal choice. This choice can steer individuals towards the path of boundless potential and limitless achievements. The narrative underscores the power of seizing the present moment to trigger lasting change and divulges the daily practices that pave the way to becoming unlimited. The author's journey becomes a source of inspiration and guidance for readers to embark on their own transformative quests.

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Daily practices explained in my book will enable an UNLIMITED mindset.

  • Owning your legacy.

  • How one choice can change your life.

  • Finding perspective.

  • Gratitude will empower you.

  • Developing high performance.

  • The power of what you eat, say and think.

  • Resilience is the foundation of every meaningful success.

  • Redemption

  • Transcendence

  • Becoming LIMITLESS

  • That the best of your life is ahead.

Keynote presentation
1-1.5 hours - conference or dinner keynote

An inspiring story about overcoming extreme adversity and achieving insurmountable goals/feats
Narrative underscores the power of seizing the present moment to trigger lasting
Divulges the daily practices that pave the way to becoming unlimited. 
Discover frameworks that will enable limitless capability

Keynote & Workshop
3 hours

An Inspiring keynote presentation (as above)
Includes workshop breakout groups 
Legacy, high performance, happiness, choices, gratitude, perspective, redemption, transcendence
Transformative daily practices, and 90-day high-performance planning
Action planning breakouts

High-Performance Coaching Program

Individual and team high-performance coaching program


Jason Dunn

Born in the UK, before migrating to Australia at 17, Jason is an accomplished Artist, Leader, Founder, CEO, High-Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, and Elite Ultra Endurance Athlete. 

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+61 400 050 582

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