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Profile, attract, engage, discover, lead, win, grow and

retain the clients you want to partner with the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you developed the GROW Adviser Capability program?

With the focus of both Licensees and advisers in Australia to invest their finite capital, time and resources to meet and exceed the relentless regulatory reform and FASEA education pathways, adviser client engagement development has all but become redundant.


This situation has been exacerbated by the divestment of the major banks of their advice businesses, which were traditionally the incubators of large groups of newer advisers. We also identified a huge need and demand for a comprehensive, highly specialised advice capability program in Australia.

All of our program concepts, content and extensive 12 month delivery model have been created by Jason Dunn and Greg Zimbulis, bringing together the comprehensive advice industry and program facilitation experience that both creators and founders have experienced over 4 decades working side by side with real clients, advisers and industry leading professionals. 

Who developed this program, who are you?

Why is this program important to advisers right now?

Connecting with people, understanding who they really are and what is truly important to them has always been at the heart of enduring relationships - but now, more than ever, the human disconnection and financial uncertainty created by COVID, along with the relentless regulatory change and annual renewal of advice contracts demands that Advisers invest in enhancing their capability.

What are of the key benefits of the program?

The GROW Adviser Capability program builds on each adviser’s education, technical and compliance standards by developing exceptional engagement capability. 

Our Program enables advisers to effectively communicate, connect and develop, deliver and sustain value-based solutions for clients so that they maximise the return on their endeavours to consistently and effectively profile, attract, engage, discover, lead, win, grow and retain the cents they most want to work with.

Why is this program different?

Our highly specialised advice content, engagement frameworks, tools, facilitation expertise, targeted implementation modules, on-line resources, masterclass modules and the entirety of our 12-month program all contribute to make our program unique in Australia. 

What difference will the program make to prospective clients and clients alike?

Clients and prospective clients will feel a deeper sense of connection, confidence and certainty that their future is in the best hands.


We work closely with advisers in the GROW Capability program to help them develop exceptional discovery and engagement skills, amongst others, that build on their communication skills to ensure they connect with their clients to consistently deliver value-based recommendations and solutions.

How do you deliver the program?

Our Program is delivered via a combination of face-to-face, live virtual and video content – all highly engaging. Our program begins with engagement to understand the specific needs of practices and Licensees, followed shortly thereafter by a zoom session during which we prepare every participant to extract the most value from our workshop.


Our workshops participant numbers are limited to ensure the optimum learning environment. Upon completion we host live virtual sessions to answer questions and foster collaboration and sharing during the implementation phase.


For the following 12 months all of our online academy video content and support materials are immediately available via our academy LMS, as are our masterclass video modules each month. 

How do you deliver the program in this COVID-19 world?

Practically all of our program can be delivered virtually via zoom session and other online methods, and is available anytime on demand, online, so this works exceptionally well today.

What ongoing support does the program provide advisers?

Immediately after participating in the one-day workshop we deliver structured, weekly implementation modules over the following 7 weeks, along with virtual, live group coaching sessions, both of which enable iterative revision, practice and embedding of the core elements of the workshop.


Additionally, over the course if the following 12 months we deliver engaging, enhanced masterclass content each month and provide unlimited access to online resources and tools to our alumni. 

What about advisers who don’t have the benefit of support by active leaders?

Active leadership support is extremely valuable and effective in the implementation, embedding and sustaining of new behaviours.  


To support our alumni where needed we also offer one-on-one coaching sessions at an additional, but subsidised, cost to the original program for our GROW alumni.

 Tell us about the one-day workshops?

The core of our program is the one-day workshop, to which everyone arrives well prepared to glean the most from the day. We create an immersive, highly engaging, collaborative environment to ensure the optimum learning environment.


Our 8 workshop modules encompass the client pathway from the inception and operating model to attract and win new clients, all the way through to building and maintaining enduring and mutually exceptional client relationships. 

Participants actively engage with each other, sharing experience and skills.  Practice and skills demonstration are a key element of the workshop and are essential to master and embed the program’s learnings.

Who delivers the one-day workshops?

Every workshop is co-facilitated by both co-creators of the GROW Program – Jason and Greg. 

Can you tailor workshops to our group or business specific needs and language?

By all means. We have extensive experience in working with many businesses to adapt and develop bespoke programs and workshops to meet the specific needs and priorities for individual businesses.

Is the program industry accredited?

Yes, the GROW Adviser Capability program has accreditation from the FPA for 6.75 CPD points 

 Who should participate in the program – who is it for?

Essentially, the GROW Adviser Capability program has been designed and developed to benefit and add measurable value to all advisers and leaders - regardless of experience.

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