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How do I demonstrate my value in my
client’s mind and justify my fees?

Advisers often think, logically, that value is making more, or saving, money for clients, because they are tangible benefits.  But the reality is that for human beings there are deeper emotional benefits that motivate clients to choose you or stay with you.  In fact the emotional benefits are not optional and form a critical component of the client’s overall determination of your value.
The most successful financial advisers are constantly delivering real value to clients.

The GROW Adviser Capability program will enable you to profile, attract, engage, discover, lead, win, grow and retain the clients you want to partner with the most.

What this program means to financial advisers

This program enables advisers to:

  • Consistently find and attract more of the right clients

  • Build strong enduring referral networks

  • Practice exceptional prospect and client engagement

  • Demonstrate highly effective client discovery that will uncover needs and turn them into imperative needs

  • Guide prospects and clients to make smart decisions and say “yes” more often

  • Demonstrate value and collect the fees you deserve every time

  • Deliver value all year round to consistently retain clients

  • Inspire clients to advocate for you  

What this program means to you if you own, run or
manage an advice business

This program will deliver consistent benefits to your business:

  • A coachable, robust, highly effective engagement program

  • Scalable organic client acquisition 

  • Reliable, profitable referral platform

  • Compliant client engagement practice that drives measurable profitability and client growth

  • Increased annual revenue per client and increased practice size

  • Enhanced brand reputation and public advocacy 

  • Optimised ongoing advice client retention

  • Market differentiating offer that will attract the very best advisers

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